Hi there 馃毜

Welcome to my reluctant exercise journal.

True Radler

I did one of my most common routes this morning, but I changed it up by stopping for lunch at the Zunftst眉berl outside of Matting for lunch. I was cruising by, making good time, and I thought Dang, a Radler sounds great about now. So I pulled in at the Zunftst眉berl. Couple points to mention: Great Kartoffelsuppe with chopped up hotdog in it. Their warme K眉che doesn鈥檛 start until 11:30; don鈥檛 let that mess up your plans....

August 7, 2022 路 cliff1976

Tire Check

My biking routine got messed up by a flat tire I discovered at the start of last week鈥檚 would-be ride. This past Saturday afternoon I pumped up the tire again and cautiously took a lap around the parking garage. Seemed okay. I let it rest overnight. Seemed okay. I did a cautious ride yesterday to make sure I was not too far from home to push my bike back if need be....

July 31, 2022 路 cliff1976

10 somewhat creepy km in Regensburg

After returning from Ia葯i on July 8th, my fitness regimen was hindered by a few different things: weather (it鈥檚 been pretty hot!), and intense work stuff (which is why I scheduled the business trip the way I did), but mostly mein innerer Schweinehund I wanted to set off this morning on a bike ride, but I found a flat tire waiting for me. So I took a stroll instead....

July 24, 2022 路 cliff1976

About 6 km in grueling heat

I鈥檓 in Ia葯i for a couple weeks and just hit the half-way point. I鈥檝e been visiting this city on business a few times per year since 2006, but usually just for part of a week. As near as I can tell, this is only the third or fourth time I鈥檝e been over a weekend, and only the third time not during the winter. And I鈥檓 staying in a new (to me) hotel quite close to the office....

July 2, 2022 路 cliff1976

Tea Run to Regenstauf

I was running low on Earl Grey, organic and packaging free, so I grabbed an empty, cleaned-out pickle jar or something and hustled up to Quantum Satis to refill on that, and green cardamom pods, and star anise. They were out of star anise, and they won鈥檛 be restocking it: sadly, they鈥檙e shuttering for good on July 31st, 2022. The owner told me the economic situation of their store is just not sustainable....

June 11, 2022 路 cliff1976