Slippery 10k Shuffle

Our first longer walk of the year yielded quite a bit of elevation, in slippery mud, on rocky paths. It was mostly a place we’d been a few times before — the Alpiner Steig outside Eilsbrunn and Schönhofen, but this was the first time we stopped in at the Schlossbrauerei Eichhofen after the stroll. I daresay we’ll be doing that again. Snaps Route Distance: 10.5ish km Moving Time: 2:28 Average Speed: 8 min/km

January 8, 2023 · cliff1976

10 somewhat creepy km in Regensburg

After returning from Iași on July 8th, my fitness regimen was hindered by a few different things: weather (it’s been pretty hot!), and intense work stuff (which is why I scheduled the business trip the way I did), but mostly mein innerer Schweinehund I wanted to set off this morning on a bike ride, but I found a flat tire waiting for me. So I took a stroll instead....

July 24, 2022 · cliff1976

About 6 km in grueling heat

I’m in Iași for a couple weeks and just hit the half-way point. I’ve been visiting this city on business a few times per year since 2006, but usually just for part of a week. As near as I can tell, this is only the third or fourth time I’ve been over a weekend, and only the third time not during the winter. And I’m staying in a new (to me) hotel quite close to the office....

July 2, 2022 · cliff1976

First (recorded) walk of the year

Due to travel and holidays I kinda took 3 months off of my irregularly scheduled programming. Even though there was some unscheduled exercise walking around in new and familiar places, there probably wasn’t enough in general, and that’s not good. So, here’s the first attempt at getting back up on that horse, off of which I kinda threw myself. Snaps Route Distance: 7.25 km Time: 1:30 Calories: 852 Calories from fat: 25 % Average Heart Rate: 119 Maximum Heart Rate: 139 Fat Burn: 0:27 Fitness: 1:02

February 6, 2022 · cliff1976

Haha, phone. Very funny.

I think my phone’s GPS was playing a prank on me. This shouldn’t have been a 7 km walk. Route Distance: 7.1 km Time: 1:12 Calories: 560 Calories from fat: 37 % Average Heart Rate: 108 Maximum Heart Rate: 123 Fat Burn: 1:06 Fitness: 0:06

April 1, 2021 · cliff1976