It was cold and wet — not rainy, just moist. That’s the weather I like, typically. But my feet got achingly cold. From here on out towards spring, I guess I’ll need insulated boots and warmer socks.


The bike-mounted snaps are off by an hour in their timestamps because I still haven’t set that camera’s clock for Winterzeit.


You’ll want to turn the sound off for this (I forgot to remove it). It’s annoying. It’s a section of bike path (and maybe one-way road for cards) headed south down a hill parallel to the B16.


The route was a very similar one to many previous rides — only this time I messed up by following a sign towards Bad Abbach at Graßlfing (oddly, my destination was Bad Abbach and I needed to go against the sign) and had to backtrack a bit. Also, when I paused at Matthing for a water break, I forgot to resume route recording. D’oh!


Total Distance:                                          over 30 km
Time:                 like 3 hours, total, also including my breaks