Workout 2020 04 08

Another beautiful day. Did a loop behind the Max-Straße McD’s up and down some steps for fun. It was not very fun. Snaps: Route: It would appear that my app did not save my route. It was from our house through the southern end of the Altstadt with some loops in the western part, and back home via the south bank of the Danube. Machine(s): none (street) Time: 81 mins Distance: 6....

April 8, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 04 01

Another beautiful day. Got started earlier than normal thanks to an 8:00 meeting. 2nd in a row. Work is a pain like that. Remember: you can get gelbe Säcke at the HEM Tankstelle on Friedenstraße 24 hours a day! Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 47 mins Distance: 4.15 km Calories: 464 Calories from fat: 25% Average Heart Rate: 123 Maximum Heart Rate: 141 Fat Burn: 12 mins Fitness: 35 mins Weight: not weighed

April 1, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 03 25

Another beautiful day. Went south up to the Alte Mälzerei, then west through Kumpfmühl and south back into the Alstadt via the Schloßpark. Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1 hour 10 mins Distance: 5.18 km Calories: 637 Calories from fat: 34% Average Heart Rate: 111 Maximum Heart Rate: 135 Fat Burn: 65 mins Fitness: 5 mins Weight: not weighed

March 25, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 03 18

Cloudy and foggy early morning weather made a rather unattractive city walk behind a residential complex somewhat spooky. Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 52 mins Distance: 4.67 km Calories: 475 Calories from fat: 31% Average Heart Rate: 117 Maximum Heart Rate: 130 Fat Burn: 32 mins Fitness: 20 mins Weight: not weighed

March 18, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 03 11

First workout again after the big weekend activity with Democrats Abroad. Back on the horse. Machine(s): elliptical Time: 41 minutes Distance: 4.3 km Calories: 375 Calories from fat: 28% Average Heart Rate: 117 Maximum Heart Rate: 129 Fat Burn: 21 minutes Fitness: 20 minutes Weight: not measured

March 11, 2020 · cliff1976