Workout 2020 05 27

Another beautiful day. I crossed onto one of the islands in Danube. Took another look at one of those sheltery things I’d seen there previously. Still creepy. The channels were peaceful. There was a weird Yoda/Nosferatu hybrid graffito thing. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:30 Distance: 6.0 km Calories: 658 Calories from fat: 37% Average Heart Rate: 106 Maximum Heart Rate: 123 Fat Burn: 1:20 Fitness: 0:10 Weight: not weighed

May 27, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 20

Sure don’t remember teleporting home from Neupfarrplatz! Maybe it has something do with the giant golden sperm attacking the city. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:15 Distance: 5.56 km? Calories: 481 Calories from fat: 40% Average Heart Rate: 101 Maximum Heart Rate: 122 Fat Burn: 1:12 Fitness: 0:03 Weight: not weighed

May 20, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 13

A pretty dreary morning (most of them have been lately after those glorious weeks in March and April). But walked along the Wöhrd and took the stairs right down the water line in a few places. It’s been somewhat rainy, but the river wasn’t running particularly high or fast. I got a special treat: watching a barge with a lift switch out a riverway sign. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:05 Distance: 5....

May 13, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 04 29

A moderately rainy morning after several weeks of almost no rain. No inspiring photographs today; my walk was through neighborhoods and apartment complexes. I did notice the Singh Indischer Markt seems to have been replaced with a Middle Eastern market of some kind. And somehow I must have lost GPS connectivity along the way there towards the end, because I definitely did not sneak through anyone’s house. Promise. Snaps: Route:...

April 29, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 04 15

Cool early morning. No snaps this time – nothing really spoke to me. Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 71 mins Distance: 5.69 km Calories: 548 Calories from fat: 37% Average Heart Rate: 108 Maximum Heart Rate: 132 Fat Burn: 64 mins Fitness: 7 min Weight: not weighed

April 15, 2020 · cliff1976