I’m in Iași for a couple weeks and just hit the half-way point.

I’ve been visiting this city on business a few times per year since 2006, but usually just for part of a week. As near as I can tell, this is only the third or fourth time I’ve been over a weekend, and only the third time not during the winter. And I’m staying in a new (to me) hotel quite close to the office. So, with some time to kill yesterday, I decided to go walking around in neighborhoods I don’t know on my way to the Palas Complex (malls, restaurants, parks, fountains, etc. in the backyard of the Cultural Palace).

I could have taken a more-or-less straight line path from my hotel in the south to my destination (a Lebanese restaurant I visit a couple times per trip), but I decided to stretch it out. Maybe not the best idea under those weather conditions (93 °F / 34 °C), but I managed to find shady sidewalks and there was sometimes a light breeze that at least kept the air moving.

When I got to my hummous and tabbouleh, however, I was drenched. I took a taxi back.


Panorama view from my room’s balcony overlooking an apple orchard with a major avenue in the southeast part of town beyond it.

The hotel’s airport shuttle? This is the closest I’ve ever been to a Maybach outside of a museum.

Still need your German grocery fix while traveling? Kaufland and Lidl have got you covered in Iași.

Within sight of the fancy, glitzy, schicky-micky palace complex, you will still find plenty of scenes like this.

But there’s new construction going up all the time, too.

And still some oldy-woldy churchy stuff, obviously restored to beautiful condition.

The Cultural Palace — almost there!

Poftă Bună!


Distance:           5.66 km