After returning from Iași on July 8th, my fitness regimen was hindered by a few different things:

  1. weather (it’s been pretty hot!), and
  2. intense work stuff (which is why I scheduled the business trip the way I did), but mostly
  3. mein innerer Schweinehund

I wanted to set off this morning on a bike ride, but I found a flat tire waiting for me. So I took a stroll instead.


First I walked over to VyVu to try to see what their outdoor seating options are…missing some Banh Mi in my life ever since their place in the Markthalle on Dachauplatz closed earlier this year. Pickin’s were kinda slim.
Then I discovered a salami factory nearby. With a Werksverkauftheke that opens at 5:30 in the morning. Crikey.
But I also discovered a Döner / Falafel snack bar offering supă de burtă. This intrigues me deeply and makes me wonder what other Romanian fare they have there, or would make for me if I asked nicely.
The Hafengebiet was kind of nice, visually.
Then I stumbled upon this “Light of the World” chapel that creeped me RIGHT THE HELL OUT.
Especially when you see the front of the building.

I saw some more progress on the Vitesco building.
This truck driver was preparing his Sunday morning breakfast outside the mosque.

Crossing the tracks. I thought this was a nice quadrilingual thing happening in the Kasernenviertel, where many refugess have settled recently. Too bad I missed it completely. There were a bunch of murals along a walled-off barracks building with art like this. I thought it was maybe the most intricate graffiti I’d ever seen, until… I realized it’s part of a city-sanctioned outdoor exhibition.


Distance:           9.9 km

My Polar heart rate monitor may have finally kicked the bucket after many years. I’m in the market for something new. All I can report today is the distance walked.