I biked up the hill to Pentling (hey! The bridge over the A3 is open again!) and down the hill from there towards Matting where I met up with my pal Sam for lunch. Then we took the ferry across (1€ per person) to the west (north?) bank of the Danube towards Bad Abbach, where we crossed it again using the bridge there. That’s where we parted ways; I headed back downstream (north/east) towards Regensburg.

It was a decent day, but I had planned on more sunshine to warm me up. I tried out a video camera I bought (I suppose it’s a GoPro knock off), mounted to my handle bars, and I’m pretty happy with it for the price I paid. Here’s a video of the trip down the hill from Pentling towards Weichsmühle on my way to the ferry:

The snaps!

Ferry Shots



Distance:  39.5 km 
Time:  2:52 
Calories:  2168
Calories from fat:  14% 
Average Heart Rate:  140 
Maximum Heart Rate:  167
Fat Burn:  0:13
Fitness:   2:39
Weight:  not weighed