First time back in the saddle after about a month, and it is no longer Panama Jack helmet weather. Also, when I got started this morning, it was foggy as heck, so I through on an eye-catching vest just for good measure. After about 30 minutes, it wasn’t really necessary anymore – the sun burned off the low-hanging clouds.

I stuck to a very familiar route, since I haven’t been on the bike in about a month. I’d planned to extend it into Stadtamhof or the Oberer Wöhrd, but when I got to Großprüfening my quads were aching, and so I cut it short. Almost the exact same distance as my previous ride, so that’s good, I guess.

The snaps!


Distance:  34.9 km 
Time:  2:24 
Calories:  1752
Calories from fat:  15% 
Average Heart Rate:  137 
Maximum Heart Rate:  163
Fat Burn:  0:10
Fitness:   2:14
Weight:  not weighed