This dude is definitely undeserving of his reputation!

Note to self: remember that the camera has no internal battery and you have to set the date and time with every battery change!

I took a suggestion from local pal Markus and went out southwest towards Mangolding, Mintraching and Geisling. Those were new towns for me, but the route back along the B8 through Barbing was old hat. Pretty flat the whole way, so it should have been a good opportunity to keep my heart rate low and steady. Alas, I pushed it more than I should have for the optimal effort/effect ratio.

Only one snap to speak of from this ride – they all kinda looked like this. Gray skies, rainy glasses, some orangey colors, but also still some greens.


Distance:  42.2 km 
Time:  2:20 
Calories:  1742
Calories from fat:  16% 
Average Heart Rate:  134 
Maximum Heart Rate:  152
Fat Burn:  0:08
Fitness:   2:20
Weight:  not weighed