I was pretty sure I don’t like rides over 50 km in length. Walking the next day is a real pain. But those 50ish km rides have all been with a mixture of terrain. So I thought I would try a longer — but flatter — ride along the Danube today. I rode from our house to Wörth an der Donau and back.

Guess what? The knees are a little better off for it, but DA BUTT is not. Ow. 50 hilly kilometers is for sure my knees' limit, but also the hind parts begin to howl around then, no matter the elevation.


  • Lots of river sportos out there today: paddleboards, personal watercraft, fishing huts
  • Wörth an der Donau is a cute little town that might warrant a closer look sometime
  • I suprised a baby deer among the corn rows
  • I crossed the river more times than I intended, but according to OsmAnd, that was the quickest route back from Pfatter/Geisling

The snaps (not necessarily in chronological order):


Distance:  62.9 km
Time:  3:32
Calories:  2262 
Calories from fat:  20%
Average Heart Rate:  127
Maximum Heart Rate:  156
Fat Burn:  0:39 
Fitness:   2:53
Weight:  not weighed