After last week’s 60+km record breaker, I toned it back down again to 50ish today. I thought I would treat myself to some nice flat stretches along a river for the last leg. I am not so sure that is the right approach; “mostly flat” is “partly hilly” and even where truly flat, I was tired of being in the saddle, and mad at friction for forcing me to keep pedaling.

I went north and west in a counter-clockwise loop to some places with goofy-sounding names:

  • Oberschlag (reminds of Schlagobers in Austrian hot chocolate contexts)
  • Ellmau (made me Laugh My Ass Off)
  • Loch (“hole”!?)


  • GPS didn’t start tracking my progress until I was already across the Donau for some damn reason
  • 5 storks in one field (at least one was a youngster and harder to see)!
  • More river sportos out there today (we are still deep in the Sommerferien after all): paddleboards, personal watercraft, fishing huts
  • Along the Naab, south of Pielenhofen, maybe around Distelhausen there were a bunch of very non-typical German-looking houses. The kind I rather would have expected in the fancier neighborhoods of KCMO. Weird.
  • I rather enjoyed the 4 km downhill stretch from Trischlberg towards Heitzenhofen.
  • Around Duggendorf I took a little break and accidentally stopped counting my calories and exertion times.

The snaps:


Distance:  >= 50 km 
Time:  1:50 + 1:18
Calories:  951 +  794
Calories from fat:  31%, 25% 
Average Heart Rate:  115, 124 
Maximum Heart Rate:  141, 144
Fat Burn:  1:07 + 17 
Fitness:   0:43 + 1:01
Weight:  not weighed