I’ve been doing my rides mostly on the weekends, since Kurzarbeit is over for me now. I’ve been lazy about posting them, but less lazy about actually doing them. So that’s good.

In my last post, I picked GraphHopper.com as a mapping service, but I’m wary of it now. This time it routed me through a farm at the top of a long, slow hill at Aignhof… and a Rottweiler-looking dog was quite angry at my presence. I high-tailed it back down the hill, with the dog loudly baring teeth at calf-height and decided to try to get around the hill, and the farm, through a different Dorf past a Ponyhof to get back to my original route. Well, guess what? That also led to Mr. Choppers. But this time there was a sign.

At that point, I cut my route short, from the original 50 km down to a little over 30. There were a lot more hills in the mix this time, so I didn’t mind heading home early at all.


  • Tremmelhauserhöhe looks like a lovely place for a walk
  • Think real hard about bike routes suggested by GraphHopper.com and maybe have an alternative plan in mind
  • Biding my time with predictions from the RegenRadar worked out great – missed the morning and afternoon showers

The snaps:


Distance:  34.1 km
Time:  2:11
Calories:  1603 
Calories from fat:  16%
Average Heart Rate:  137
Maximum Heart Rate:  165
Fat Burn:  0:16
Fitness:   1:55
Weight:  not weighed