Kurzarbeit tomorrow – presumably the last one for this round of economic crises (or, let’s hope so anyways). I had an important week at work last week, so to be there for all of it, I opted to make my last Kurzabeit day of the month the last Monday of the month instead of Friday.

I planned out my route using GraphHopper.com – first time using that service, but I am sure I’ll be back. It lets you pick multiple destinations, rearrange their order (similar to that Big Internet Company With a Prominent G’s mapping product), but also download that route result as a GPX track. Which means I could follow that exact route on my bike.


  • the 15% grade down the hill towards Pielenhofen is fun
  • but pause a moment there (if you can) to take in the Kloster’s beauty from up there on the hill

The snaps:


Distance:  51.8 km
Time:  3:39
Calories:  2616 
Calories from fat:  15%
Average Heart Rate:  136
Maximum Heart Rate:  162
Fat Burn:  0:16
Fitness:   3:23
Weight:  not weighed