Holiday weekend! (Fronleichnam, I think). I took my first walk through the Evangelischer Zentralfriedhof, which had a nice mix of sun and shade. I was kind of expecting more activity in there due to the holiday, but there was no one stirring.


The pit between Alberstraße and Ernst-Reuter-Platz is now fully empty; still don’t know what’s going in there.

Absolutely nothing happening at Hauptbahnhof, which felt weird, even for a public holiday.


Machine(s):  none (street)
Time:  1:30
Distance:  8.2 km (probably a little less due to a GPS freak-out south of the OTH)
Calories:  656
Calories from fat:  38%
Average Heart Rate:  106
Maximum Heart Rate: 121
Fat Burn:  1:26 
Fitness:   0:04
Weight:  not weighed