Last minute decision, kinda, to run over to a buddy’s place to pick up some fruit preserves he made and kept for us. Cut it kinda close with regard to the curfew in place due to Regensburg’s infection rates. Route Distance: ~5 km

March 30, 2021 · cliff1976

Just a Saturday shopping trip on foot. I think the longer the longer you stand around in one place (like while waiting for mantı at Lezizel), the less reliable the GPS readings become. Route Distance: 4.95 km Time: 1:38

March 27, 2021 · cliff1976


Die Spargelzeit, that is. German asparagus is available at REWE near us. Lass den Spargelwahn krachen. Snaps That building across the street from REWE and Candis Park is getting bigger everytime I walk by. Not all of the stuff shown here is domestic or even regional. But at least the white asparagus in the yellow plastic bag is the REWE Regional brand. So it won’t be much longer until everyone’s griping about the workers imported from Eastern European countries bringing Covid in with them to steal German bikes and not appreciably drop the prices on a Pfund of asparagus....

March 26, 2021 · cliff1976

A quiet, gray riverside morning. With the bonus of an unexpected Irish Wolfhound. Snaps Route Distance: 6.2 km Time: 1:17 Calories: 668 Calories from fat: 32 % Average Heart Rate: 114 Maximum Heart Rate: 129 Fat Burn: 0:49 Fitness: 0:28

March 24, 2021 · cliff1976


Got up way too early today. Why not turn it into a walk? The timezone shift is coming soon; might as well embrace the sunlight. Snaps The OTH pond was nice and still. I liked the irony of both a car and a bike swerving onto the sidewalk to drive around the crew applying a Fahrradstrasse sign on the street. Route Distance: 6.5 km Time: 1:30 Calories: 781 Calories from fat: 30% Average Heart Rate: 114 Maximum Heart Rate: 134 Fat Burn: 1:16 Fitness: 0:14

March 18, 2021 · cliff1976