We took the car up to Regenstauf on a very small shopping trip. We headed specifically to Quantum Satis, packaging-free store. They have a LOT of the stuff we use on a daily basis available in bulk. So even though it costs a lot more (compared to the typical grocery store fare), I’d like to start refilling pantry staples from that store, without incurring packaging waste.

Side note: there is another great packaging-free store in downtown Regensburg – Füllgut (which has a nice pun in its name). Same concept, but it’s a MUCH smaller store and it always feels kind of cramped to me. This was not as big a deal pre-Corona. I visited the store once before, last year, on a bike trip. I could totally do a bike trip once a week to Quantum Satis to restock on dry goods, transporting a few at a time home in my saddle bag.

After the shopping, we took a walk along some protected wetlands. Plenty of storks and swans were hanging around, getting their bird stuff on. When we got back to the car, parked near a bridge over the river, we saw a swan guarding one entire loaf of bread and devouring another. Watch your carbs, bud.



I forgot to set my GPS properly. It was approximately this:

Distance:         about 5 km