I did a Saturday ride instead of Sunday because yesterday, the weather seemed more promising for today than for tomorrow. I was exhausted on Friday night after not sleeping well most of the week, and even after a 2-hour late Friday afternoon nap, I went to bed at a reasonable hour and slept all the way through to 6:30 Saturday morning. We made sure to black out the Jalousien and even close the bedroom door to block out as much light as possible. I’m sure that helped.

For the route, I went through Pentling and Großberg on my way to Bad Abbach, visited Sam’s construction site, and continued east towards Gebelkofen. In Obertraubling, I missed a turn to stay on the correct side of the tracks, circled back, rolled past a Steckerlfisch stand, circled back again, and brought home a Forelle for lunch. Yum!


Video Recap


You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. The red solid route was my intention. The blue dashed route is my actual route.


Total Distance:    36.2 km 
Time:              2:25
Calories:          1695 
Calories from fat:   16 %
Average Heart Rate: 133 
Maximum Heart Rate: 160 
Fat Burn:          0:12 
Fitness:           2:13