Another beautiful day. At least at the start of it — the clouds rolled in towards the end of my ride.

The rivery parts along the Naab all the way up to Pielenhofen and the monastery on the river were nice and gentle. I took a little water and banana break there. But that’s where it started to get demanding. Just outside of Wall I thought to myself

This is an appropriately-named hamlet.

The woodsy bits were not as challenging as I had feared, but the warning about caterpillars did put me off a bit. I had to dodge a logging operation that took up the whole road, and around Adlersberg I had to deviate from the planned route 1 due to construction.

But it all worked out.

The snaps:


Distance:  48.8 km
Time:  3:34
Calories: 2257
Calories from fat:  21%
Average Heart Rate:  127
Maximum Heart Rate:  164
Fat Burn:  1:09
Fitness:   2:25 
Weight:  not weighed

  1. Landkreis Regensburg has a nice collection of bike routes. This one was “Besuch bei der Weißen Frau” — mostly. ↩︎