It started out another beautiful day. Didn’t stick. Thought I’d conquer that hill through the woods outside Leoprechting. Nope! Had to push my bike for a lot of it. At least partly that’s because the dirt track had turned into mud and a tractor chewed it up real good 5 minutes before me.

I rode past the Continental Arena and then through a field (didn’t like that so much; felt like trespassing), towards Leoprechting, onto Niedergebraching 1, and the clouds were ominous. I thought I would be lucky and my route would take me around the edge of the rainy patch of sky. When I finally reached the outskirts of Bad Abbach, I got rained on pretty good there, so I ducked into a parking shelter and waited out the worst of it.

I hauled ass on the way back because I was cold and wet. By the time I got home, I was dry, but still cold. I fell asleep in the tub.



Distance:  34.9 km
Time:  2:25 
Calories:  1895
Calories from fat:  17%
Average Heart Rate:  133
Maximum Heart Rate: 173
Fat Burn:  0:26 
Fitness:   2:18 
Weight:  not weighed

  1. The ladies on horses loved how well my shirt matched the rapeseed blooming behind me. ↩︎