Another beautiful day.

I’ve seen the Donau Radweg route signs for 16 years, but I never followed them outside of town.

I rode towards work, took the Osttangente / Odessaring bridge to the baseball stadium, started tracing the Danube right away. But it didn’t last too long, jutting south of Tegernheim and catching back up to the river bank about two thirds of the way to Donaustauf.

About half way through, my butt started hurting, so I took an inland shortcut instead of following the last Danube curve towards the bridge outside Pfatter, and then opted for the straighter inland route back into Regensburg, past IKEA and work again.

Wonder when that’ll be my destination again…


Distance:  48.6km
Time:  2:47 
Calories:  1773
Calories from fat:  22%
Average Heart Rate:  127
Maximum Heart Rate: 152
Fat Burn:  0:32 
Fitness:   2:15 
Weight:  not weighed