It’s Palm Sunday. Instead of the Bierpilgerfahrt to Adlersberg’s Prösslbrau for their Palmator, I opted to swing by a semi-local buddy’s house for a cheese sample. Wie lecker. Might be antithetical to the intent of this blog, though.

Try Saint Agur Blue if you like the concept of bleu cheese but wish it were just little milder. Smear it on bread or crackers. Also this Pecorino Fantasia is a damn fine snackin' cheese.

My GPS app of choice says it was only a total of 89 meters uphill, but it felt like more than that on the push from Köfering past the south end of Seedorf towards Bad Abbach. But in general, this was not supposed to be a very hilly trip, and I am happy that that came true. I would have preferred a bit more bike path overall (that same stretch had me on the road with cars), but given the superb paths out of Bad Abbach back along the Danube towards Regensburg, das ist Kritik auf hohem Niveau.


Video Recap

None today.


You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. The red solid route was my intention. The blue dashed route is my actual route. I didn’t deviate from the planned route this time; it was mostly me taking an unpaved bike path that was “paved enough” for me, but not for the GraphHopper mapping service, whom I told I have a “racing bike.” Ha. Oh, and one quickly corrected wrong turn in Köfering.


Total Distance:      43.8 km 
Time:              2:40
Calories:          2108
Calories from fat:   11 %
Average Heart Rate: 143
Maximum Heart Rate: 164
Fat Burn:          0:04
Fitness:           2:36