Another beautiful day — well, at the beginning. By the end of my ride, the clouds started looming and threatening rain, but I got home before that started. And it blew over anyways.

I had worried about two things:

  1. Headed south out of Regensburg is a more direct route, but getting up those hills and down in to Bad Abbach would be a real pain.

  2. The ferry at Matting would be closed due to Corona stuff.

I was right about both of them. But no matter. It was still a pleasant ride — at least back from Bad Abbach.


Distance (total):  35.6km
Time:  2:41 
Calories:  1921
Calories from fat:  16%
Average Heart Rate:  136
Maximum Heart Rate: 174
Fat Burn:  0:19 
Fitness:   2:22 
Weight:  not weighed