Workout 2020 05 10

It was drizzling today, but I really wanted to get out of the house. I went up and down some of my favorite streets in the Altstadt, looking for new or changed places to eat and shop. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:02 Distance: 5.6 km Calories: 441 Calories from fat: 37% Average Heart Rate: 106 Maximum Heart Rate: 117 Fat Burn: 58 mins Fitness: 4 mins Weight: not weighed Time: 1:02 Distance: 5....

May 10, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 03 15

Went for a walk outside in bright sunny weather instead of a gym visit this time. We walked all the way from our house to Il Mercato and back, checking out the construction sites at Albertstraße and in the Dörnbergviertel. Machine(s): none (street) Time: 64 minutes Distance: dunno Calories: 446 Calories from fat: 39% Average Heart Rate: 105 Maximum Heart Rate: 117 Fat Burn: 62 minutes Fitness: 2 minutes Weight: not measured

March 15, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 02 16

Messed around and got there later than I intended — 9:30 instead of the crack of 9. It was already kinda smelly in there. I guess that’s my penance. Mix of old and young people, but very few in between in my demographic. The Crossfit OONCE OONCE OONCE started at 10, which is another reason to get in and get out before they crank it up. Machine(s): elliptical Settings: incline 1, resistance 8 Time: 42 minutes Distance: 7....

February 16, 2020 · cliff1976