Workout 2020 05 19

I walked into work, grabbed some masks from my desk the company had set out for me, and came back via the supermarket. It was longer and slower, but I bought groceries, ran an errand, and even saw another person in the office, in person – did not expect that. I might have surprised her, too. Lone Snap: That mosque near work is coming along nicely. Looking forward to their lunch counter opening…if I ever return to working in the office....

May 19, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 14

Another kooky GPX track. Harumph. No way I did 9+ km yesterday morning before work. Some thoughts on schaffen: see my post on And it looks like the city has some schaffen planned for our street. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 0:56 Distance: probably around 5 km Calories: 427 Calories from fat: 36% Average Heart Rate: 109 Maximum Heart Rate: 127 Fat Burn: 0:47 Fitness: 0:08 Weight: not weighed

May 14, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 13

A pretty dreary morning (most of them have been lately after those glorious weeks in March and April). But walked along the Wöhrd and took the stairs right down the water line in a few places. It’s been somewhat rainy, but the river wasn’t running particularly high or fast. I got a special treat: watching a barge with a lift switch out a riverway sign. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:05 Distance: 5....

May 13, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 12

GPS went nutty again today. I don’t know if it’s something atmospheric, or the satellites were out of alignment, or the case on my phone, or whether or not the phone’s in a pocket or loose in my hand, or an intermittent hardware problem is wreaking havoc But I for sure did not follow the exact path shown in the route. I did find the use of rubber gloves hanging from the bridge the near florist’s shop under the bridge quite attractive....

May 12, 2020 · cliff1976

Workout 2020 05 11

Threatening to rain all day today, and it actually did — a few drops at least on the way to REWE to get some groceries before work. Flowers look nice at Luitpoldstraße and Sternbergstraße. Also La Bona I mean “Orient Imbiss” has pita bread for sale on shelves on the street. Snaps: Route: Machine(s): none (street) Time: 1:11 Distance: 5.4 km Calories: 494 Calories from fat: 37% Average Heart Rate: 104 Maximum Heart Rate: 118 Fat Burn: 1:07 mins Fitness: 4 mins Weight: not weighed

May 11, 2020 · cliff1976