GPS went nutty again today. I don’t know if

  • it’s something atmospheric, or
  • the satellites were out of alignment, or
  • the case on my phone, or
  • whether or not the phone’s in a pocket or loose in my hand, or
  • an intermittent hardware problem is wreaking havoc

But I for sure did not follow the exact path shown in the route.

I did find the use of rubber gloves hanging from the bridge the near florist’s shop under the bridge quite attractive.



Machine(s):  none (street)
Time:  0:46
Distance: ??? probably a little less than 5 km 
Calories:  381
Calories from fat:  32%
Average Heart Rate:  112
Maximum Heart Rate: 123
Fat Burn:  0:33 
Fitness:   0:13
Weight:  not weighed