Part One was just me exploring Monday morning in the hills above our Ferienwohnung in Lorchhausen.

Part Two was the two of us going higher up and further east (all the way into Lorch for lunch) and back along the river on Wednesday.


Part One:

Distance:  5.79 km
Time:   2:00
Calories:  1024
Calories from fat:  30%
Average Heart Rate:  114
Maximum Heart Rate:  147
Fat Burn:  1:13
Fitness:   0:47
Weight:  not weighed

Part Two:

Distance:  6.87 km
Time:   2:52
Calories:  1045 
Calories from fat:  44%
Average Heart Rate:  99
Maximum Heart Rate:  134
Fat Burn:  2:43
Fitness:   0:90
Weight:  not weighed