It was hovering around freezing, and kinda wet, and that made me nervous about a long bike ride and the potential for a wipe-out, so I opted for a walk instead.


I don’t know how long it’s been there, but there’s a Bucherzelle at the Andreasstadel in Stadtamhof now. Looks like they’ve had trouble with people using it improperly. I hope that behavior doesn’t doom it.

I walked up to the top of the Dreifaltigkeitsberg. This shot is from about two-thirds from the top. I liked the straight line to the cathedral.

After crossing onto the islands, I saw the biggest police boat I’ve ever seen on the Danube. I wonder if they were out patrolling for face mask violators, just like all the squad cars and paddy wagons we’ve seen recently.

I like the mossy greenness on this tree, but it’s not really coming through here.

It wasn’t so long ago that the bridge was a hideous pile of construction equipment and temporary structures.

On the fourth Sunday of advent, this place is supposed to be jam-packed with eaters, drinkers, and shoppers. I have a feeling “jam-packed” was always going to be a no-go this year, and maybe for more than a few years to come. But I also have a feeling that more diligence and national cohesion of policy would have allowed Christmas markets to have opened with moderate restrictions in place and prevented this nearly complete Weihnachtsmarktverbot. I kinda wish there were none at all – just skipping it this year – instead of these sad little displays. Of course, my financial survival is not linked to a Christmas market happening or not.


Distance:          7.25 km
Time:              1:50
Calories:           829
Calories from fat:  33%
Average Heart Rate: 107
Maximum Heart Rate: 133
Fat Burn:          1:18
Fitness:           0:32
Weight:     not weighed