I was going to do another shorty 20 or maybe 30km bike ride today, but the weather prediction changed and I decided that if there was a chance of rain and temperatures hovering around freezing, I’d rather be on foot. So I did a long walk instead.


Got a new sweatshirt for my recent birthday from my parents. That thing is warm. Was great today for this long, dreary walk.

Just a reminder:

It got really muddy following a woodsy river bank path.

I thought I was taking a short cut, but was blocked by a lagoon inlet.

This duck was the only thing moving on the river.

Shot from the trestle.


Distance:  10.9 km
Time:   2:24
Calories: 1229
Calories from fat:  31%
Average Heart Rate: 113
Maximum Heart Rate: 136
Fat Burn:  1:21
Fitness:   1:04
Weight:  not weighed