Blustery April Sunday

It rained A LOT this morning in a small amount of time. But then the forecast changed, predicting no rain until after 5, so I jumped on the chance for a short ride. And I got rained on a little bit anyways. Snaps Route You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. Stats Total Distance: 21 km Time: 1:33 Calories: 963 Calories from fat: 23 % Average Heart Rate: 124 Maximum Heart Rate: 154 Fat Burn: 0:24 Fitness: 1:08

April 24, 2022 · cliff1976

Out to IKEA and back via the Ho Chi Minh Trail

It was pretty today. But cold when the sun wasn’t right on me. I headed east out towards IKEA and marveled at the completed work on the A3 — three lanes in each direction — and then headed over to my buddy’s house by way of what he calls the Ho Chi Minh trail down the hill from the overflow parking at the Uni-Klinikum. The timestamps from the bike cam are off by an hour because I didn’t get around to updating that for DST this year yet....

April 10, 2022 · cliff1976

Less Spring in my Step

I had some brownies to drop off at a buddy’s house, so set off on one of the routes I’ve taken many times before: up some hills to the south, and then over to the west, and the follow the Danube most of the way back home. But this time, it wore my sorry butt out. Possible contributing factors: I think my rear tire is a little low on air — gotta rectify that before my next ride I did 18 unexpected kilometers on Friday after work I ain’t gettin' any younger or lighter (see the brownies above) Headwind — it was pretty steady for at least half of my route I’m taking it slowly for the rest of the day…maybe the week....

March 20, 2022 · cliff1976

Closing out the week with river banks

I had a good chance to catch up on long-open work stuff this week, which was nice, but it might long hours of solo work in front of the computer. At the end of it, I needed to get some fresh air activity. It worked out nicely, timing-wise. I followed the Danube up on bank and down the other (as much as I could; the north bank was still closed off to bike traffic for much of the way due to construction, but that looks like it’ll be completed soon), crossing the Naab and the Danube at Mariaort....

March 18, 2022 · cliff1976

Ides Minus Two

It was quite cold this morning when I started out, but it was almost pleasant in the sun while not moving. Full sun while moving was tolerable at least, but moving in the shade almost wasn’t. Should have worn my gloves, but I thought I’d warm up more than I actually did. Last week I meant to do this route, but I wussed out at the temperature in the morning and cut it short....

March 13, 2022 · cliff1976