I thought I’d take a victory loop after the momentous occasions of late. I carefully mapped my route using GraphHopper and thought I was good-to-go for a route mostly following three rivers

  • Danube
  • Naab
  • Schwarze Laber

… with a little hilliness in the middle to keep it interesting. The stretch up the hill from Etterzhausen to Nittendorf was a slog, but I knew that was coming, and I thought perhaps I’d progressed in my endurance such that it wouldn’t kill me. I was right.

It was foggy the whole dang way.

What brought me to a dead stop was Deuerling. That was the first time I had to give up and walk my bike up a hill in a while. So, I thought it was as good a time as any for a water-and-clementine break.

My next break was less exhaustion-based and more in awe at the leafy path leading into a forest outside of Irgertshofen.

I was feeling pretty good about my ride and looking forward to a nice downhill coast to follow the Schwarze Laber back towards Sinzing and the Danube, but construction foiled me. I got to the bottom of the hill outside Thumhausen and saw the road to Sinzing was blocked off. DAG NABBIT. This meant another slog back north into Undorf and back home the way I came. I seriously thought about calling Sarah to come get me with the car as I paused outside the Undorf train station to catch my breath. I briefly considered checking the train schedule, but

  1. Sunday morning, and
  2. Corona

So I sucked it up and got home under my own power. A long hot shower afterwards did wonders.


You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. The red line is the route I intended to take. The blue line is the route I actually took. Where the blue line looks solid, it’s actually not – that’s my unintended backtracking.

Distance:       47.5 km 
Time:              3:26
Calories:          2815
Calories from fat:  11%
Average Heart Rate: 146
Maximum Heart Rate: 170
Fat Burn:          0:02
Fitness:           3:24
Weight:     not weighed