It’s been a couple weeks (weather and general life happening), but the weather was supposed to be great today (and it was), so I wanted to take advantage of it. A couple weekends ago our pal Special K came up to visit and brought her bike. That Saturday it rained like God had decided on a Do-Over, but there was a pottery market happening at Kloster Adlersberg. I thought that would be a nice bike destination under decent weather conditions, and I was right.

The snaps:

The Eiserner Brücke has been temporarily renamed after Michael Buschheuer, the founder of the Sea-Eye Mediterranean rescue organization HQ’d in Regensburg:

The Danube was very peaceful this morning before 9:00 a.m.

I turned north about 3/4 of the way to Mariaort and headed towards Adlersberg.

Honestly I could have gone for a beer and a plate of cheese and a few sausages right then upon arrival, and they looked ready for me, but not a creature was stirring.

So I admired the view and the ride down into the valley.

I took a break at the Naab and watched a rowing crew obey the sing-songy stroke orders through a megaphone as they propelled themselves upstream.

I continued along the train tracks, crossing the Danube too, and made my way south towards Matting. I realized I missed my turn-off at Unterirading and tried to short-cut my way through the woods. That did not work so well and I wore myself out getting up the hill on the off-road paths. I had to push my bike for a few hundred meters until I got back onto a gravel-paved path and continued toward Niedergebraching, and my old arch-enemy Großberg. This time I made it all the way up to the top of Großberg without stopping, but it was a slog. At least everything from Ziegetsdorf back home was an easy coast.

I especially liked the irony of the half-torn off “stickers forbidden” sticker on the post with all the other stickers on it.


Distance:  39.1 km 
Time:  3:00 
Calories:  2046
Calories from fat:  18% 
Average Heart Rate:  132 
Maximum Heart Rate:  172
Fat Burn:  0:25
Fitness:   2:35
Weight:  not weighed