Another beautiful day. I mostly followed the R9 from the Landkreis Regensburg. 1

I think I need to accept that the difficulty level listed as medium by the Landkreis does not (yet) match up to my expectations for medium. OTOH, I neglected to notice a town called “Großberg” on the itinerary. Duh!

I actually rode a little further than the route suggests; I forgot to start recording my GPX track until I was already up the hill at Bajuwarenstraße.

The snaps:


Distance:  47.1 km + 2.3 ≈ 49ish km 
Time:  3:23
Calories: 2614
Calories from fat:  15%
Average Heart Rate:  139
Maximum Heart Rate:  169
Fat Burn:  0:204
Fitness:   3:08 
Weight:  not weighed

  1. Landkreis Regensburg has a nice collection of bike routes↩︎