Another beautiful day. I mostly followed the Schlössertour from the Landkreis Regensburg. 1

The first leg was on the west bank of the Regen up to Regenstauf. I’d done that before. Very nice and level.

The new bits started at Ramspau. It got lots more challenging from that point on. I thought it would be done with at Kürn, but nope. The path was sometimes paved, sometimes supposed to be paved, but under construction, and sometimes forest trail. Wherever it wasn’t paved, there were big potholes to avoid. My setup has no shock absorbers but the ones built into me, so I swerved a lot to avoid them – especially on the downhill traily parts.

The snaps:


Distance:  49.6 km
Time:  3:23
Calories: 2412
Calories from fat:  15%
Average Heart Rate:  135
Maximum Heart Rate:  166
Fat Burn:  0:14
Fitness:   3:10 
Weight:  not weighed

  1. Landkreis Regensburg has a nice collection of bike routes↩︎