Christi Himmelfahrt from Beratzhausen to Regensburg

As the Christ flies, it’s certainly more direct. But my buddy from Parsberg met me in Beratzhausen at the train station and and we followed a route he’d mostly done before. The weather looked promising at the start, and more threatening at the end. But no rain fell upon us, despite the clouds. A Catholic holiday miracle! We saw plenty of Good Ol' Boys grilling and tugging their Bollerwägen full of beer into and out of the woods, because Christi Himmelfahrt is also celebrated as der Vatertag in Germany, and that’s the tradition....

May 26, 2022 · cliff1976

Cloudy Mother's Day

It was kind of the perfect temperature — I almost didn’t get sweaty at all. I was able to stay in my “zone” pretty well for much of the ride. More of this, please! Snaps Route You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. The red solid route was my intention. The blue dashed route is my actual route. Stats Total Distance: 34.4 km Time: 2:02 Calories: 1159 Calories from fat: 28 % Average Heart Rate: 119 Maximum Heart Rate: 141 Fat Burn: 0:56 Fitness: 1:06

May 8, 2022 · cliff1976

May 1st

Hooray! Hooray! The First of May! You know the rest of that chant. It was rainy this morning, but lightened up in the afternoon, so I squeezed in 11.5 km before dinner. Snaps The A3 is going to be messed up for a long time still. Video Recap The video is from the top of Ziegetsdorf down the hill and back home. around 17:12 I ran a red light....

May 1, 2022 · cliff1976

Blustery April Sunday

It rained A LOT this morning in a small amount of time. But then the forecast changed, predicting no rain until after 5, so I jumped on the chance for a short ride. And I got rained on a little bit anyways. Snaps Route You might need to tap or click the map to make it bigger. Stats Total Distance: 21 km Time: 1:33 Calories: 963 Calories from fat: 23 % Average Heart Rate: 124 Maximum Heart Rate: 154 Fat Burn: 0:24 Fitness: 1:08

April 24, 2022 · cliff1976

Out to IKEA and back via the Ho Chi Minh Trail

It was pretty today. But cold when the sun wasn’t right on me. I headed east out towards IKEA and marveled at the completed work on the A3 — three lanes in each direction — and then headed over to my buddy’s house by way of what he calls the Ho Chi Minh trail down the hill from the overflow parking at the Uni-Klinikum. The timestamps from the bike cam are off by an hour because I didn’t get around to updating that for DST this year yet....

April 10, 2022 · cliff1976